Our final student recital for 2018 was an outstanding success. Fifty students, beginners to advanced enjoyed the opportunity to perform to appreciative audiences in both the Logie-Smith auditorium abd the Austin Gray Centre. There had to be 2 session in the Austin Gray Centre, one at 7.00pm and a second one at 7.45pm. Besides the performing students and their extended families, there were unprecedented numbers of the public just coming along to see what happens at our recitals. Some of the onlookers were young beginners who will probably perform in 2019…coming along for a look at the procedure at a typical student recital will benefit them greatly. A number of our members were there to help on the night and in the Logie-Smith room, our president, Carmel Edwards, who is a remarkable sight reader, provided piano accompaniments for pur string students. Financially the recital was remarkable, breaking all records!